ACM CSCW 2022 Papeos 📄 📹

8-22 November

Our Browser Extension Lets Readers Change the Headlines on News Articles, and You Won’t Believe What They Did!
Papeo authored by: Farnaz Jahanbakhsh
Headlines play a critical role in how users perceive articles. But many headline publishers craft headlines in ways that either attract clicks in an attempt to earn ad revenue, or misinform users or manipu... Expand

Characterizing Reddit Participation of Users who Engage in the QAnon Conspiracy Theories
Papeo authored by: Kristen Engel
Widespread conspiracy theories may significantly impact our society. In this short paper, we focus on the QAnon conspiracy theory, a consequential conspiracy theory that started on and disseminated success... Expand

Datavoidant: An AI System for Addressing Political Data Voids on Social Media
Papeo authored by: Claudia Flores-Saviaga
The limited information (data voids) on political topics relevant to underrepresented communities has facilitated the spread of disinformation. Independent journalists who combat disinformation in underrep... Expand

Many Destinations, Many Pathways: A Quantitative Analysis of Legitimate Peripheral Participation in Scratch
Papeo authored by: Ruijia Cheng
Although informal online learning communities have proliferated over the last two decades, a fundamental question remains: What are the users of these communities expected to learn? Guided by the work of E... Expand

Comparing the Perceived Legitimacy of Content Moderation Processes: Contractors, Algorithms, Expert Panels, and Digital Juries
Papeo authored by: Christina Pan
While research continues to investigate and improve the accuracy, fairness, and normative appropriateness of content moderation processes on large social media platforms, even the best process cannot be ef... Expand

Leveraging Structured Trusted-Peer Assessments to Combat Misinformation
Papeo authored by: Farnaz Jahanbakhsh
Platform operators have devoted significant effort to combating misinformation on behalf of their users. Users are also stakeholders in this battle, but their efforts to combat misinformation go unsupporte... Expand

When Does it Become Harassment?: An Investigation of Online Criticism and Calling Out in Twitter
Papeo authored by: Haesoo Kim
Calling out, a phenomenon where people publicly broadcast their critiques of someone to a larger audience, has become increasingly common on social media. However, there have been concerns that it could de... Expand

Feedback Exchange and Online Affinity: A Case Study of Online Fanfiction Writers
Papeo authored by: Ruijia Cheng
Feedback is a critical piece of the creative process. Prior CSCW research has invented peer-based and crowd-based systems that exchange feedback between online strangers at scale. However, creators run int... Expand

Exploring Team-Sourced Hyperlinks to Address Navigation Challenges for Low-Vision Readers of Scientific Papers
Papeo authored by: Soya Park
Reading academic papers is a fundamental part of higher education and research, but navigating these information-dense texts can be challenging. In particular, low-vision readers using magnification encoun... Expand

Human and Technological Infrastructures of Fact-Checking
Papeo authored by: Prerna Juneja
Increasing demands for fact-checking have led to a growing interest in developing systems and tools to automate the fact-checking process. However, such systems are limited in practice because their system... Expand

Understanding Risks of Privacy Theater with Differential Privacy
Papeo authored by: Mary Anne Smart
Differential privacy is one of the most popular technologies in the growing area of privacy-conscious data analytics. But differential privacy, along with other privacy-enhancing technologies, may enable p... Expand

An HCI Research Agenda for Online Science Communication
Papeo authored by: Spencer Williams
Social media, blogs, podcasts, and other computer-mediated communication technology have become an integral way for the public to access and engage with research. However, despite the evolving challenges r... Expand

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